Hello my friend, We are Filosantara!

A backpacking and mountaineering community. Our commitment is to campaign an insight about nationalism for at least the citizen of this country, Indonesia, to love their nature. By nature we believe that the notion of love could obviously grow by treading on the land, the air, and the sea. Now, we bring our notion of love which is nurtured by nature, to help the victims of Jakarta Flooding.

We must understand that not all people are able to contribute their time and energy for the victims but that does not mean we must not help at all. Donating money to organizations is one of the best ways in helping those who are in need of help. It doesn’t matter if you are just able to donate Rp 5.000,- or even less what matters is that you are contributing towards the decreasing of the suffering being endured by your fellow brothers and sisters in those flooding areas.

If you are still able to read this post, please have a moment to look around yourself and understand how incredibly blessed you are. A roof over your head, food on your dinner table and clothes to keep your naked body warm. These are simple things we take for granted but nonetheless essential. So on this day we ask you to donate whatever amount you are able to donate to these FILOSANTARA bank accounts.

BNI, Cabang UI Depok, 0178346809, a.n. Andri Septian

BCA, Cabang Kota Wisata, 5725085581, a.n. Arga Tyas Asmoro

*Please confirm the amount you donate to the contact below*

Remember my good friends, we are all children of the earth.

Difference only runs skin deep. we cannot give happiness itself but we can create the necessary conditions in order for happiness to revive once again.

Contact Person; Tennie Marlim 081280888626 (Call/sms/whatsapp)
Twitter : @FilosantaraINA
Facebook : Filosantara INA

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